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Welcome Recruit to the military academy boot camp under special forces group! You need high will power to complete army basic training which will include basic combat training and advance individual training as part of one of the best military games. Follow drill sergeant’s instructions and master all obstacle course to pass the initial entry training in this US Army Training School Game. No assault course is tougher than your will power in us army training games. It’s time to become a national guard Soldier from just being a civilian recruit in this army training simulator!

Now that you have entered the military academy, you will leave the boot camp as a trained army force officer. Unlike other British army, Indian army game or Pakistan army games, you will be trained to succeed anywhere in the world. This one man army mission game is a test of physical as well as mental training as part of best army games. There are multiple combat training routines that will groom you for real life combat missions, which most US armed forces soldiers and commando go through as national guard in this army simulator. Wall climbing, hurdle jumping, marathon running, swimming and breaking through hurdles are some of the army exercises you would do, along with other army men, in fun army games. Performance would be tested in extreme weathers like heavy rain falls, freezing cold and scorching heat as part of US army training school. Every step in the intensive assault course is monitored and evaluated by the army trainer. The drill sergeant is trained to get the best out of all recruits, so that the military school maintains its reputation. Joint military training games with British army (UK), French army (France), Russian army (Russia), Indian army (India) and Pakistan army has increased the obstacle course difficulty substantially in US army games. Follow the armed forces chain of command and you will surely rise up the US army ranks in the best army simulation game.

If you are ready to become an army soldier, you should try this new action game and master army basic training and combat training exercises. Practice will make you a real soldier. Hurdle difficulty will increase with every level in US army training game and will keep you on your toes in all training missions. Your physical strength will also be tested in hurdles that have to be demolished with punches and kicks. You might have played ninja warrior games or heard about navy seal training but military training in this action filled game will surely test your limits and check if you are fit for the army force. So, step up as one man army and prove your mental and physical fitness. Visit all army posts and complete their hurdles. Treat your drill sergeant as your battle buddy and follow the chain of command to climb up the army ranks. No army ranger or army police game will excite you more than this boot camp game. So get ready to jump over fire walls, swim through oceans, climb sky high mountains and fight with alligators. Sounds exciting? Download this exciting new game now!

Features of US Army Training School Game:
– Different military training excursions in each level
– Challenging obstacle course exercises including extreme height jumps, rope ladder traversing and sky high rock climbing
– Compete against soldiers from around the globe
– Exciting missions from British, French, Pakistan and Indian army added to the game
– Superb soldier model actions and animations

Be a part of the Special forces Group. Download this army adventure game now!

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