Truck & Crane SIM : Cargo Ship

Đăng ngày Tháng Tám 1, 2017 bởi crazykan

Control every vehicle in the harbor!
The port is full with heavy cargo and it is your job to move the cargo to the designated freighter. The pressure is high, so you have to move quick and accurate! You can use the construction truck and the harbour crane. Move all the cargo to the ship!

There are many trucks and cranes to unlock, but you have to work hard ! All the construction vehicles and harbor employees in this harbor are under your control. Use your managing skills and precision driving skills to make your port the most successful one.

Complete all the construction vehicle driving level in this port simulator to unlock all the vehicles and ships. Complete more summer sailing missions to unlock the fastest and biggest freighter. Transfer the cargo to the freighter to unlock the big and fast construction vehicles!

Key Features:
✔ Amazing summer sailing game!
✔ Set sail to the horizon in this freighter game!
✔ Manage your own harbor!
✔ More moto bike racing games and blocky racing cars games coming soon!


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