Tower Defense: Kingdom Wars Android Gameplay

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Tower Defense: Kingdom Wars –TD Strategy Games
Not like the other TD games, Tower Defense: Kingdom Wars has its own interest. This Castle Defense is the combination of war games, magic weapons and guardians with mission of protect the kingdom and against the aggression of enemies.

Your Kingdom defense is under attack by fearful enemies. In this tower defense game you need to react fast and use the right weapons in order to win one of the best war games. Failing to do so will result in losing your kingdom, your enemies will kill you right away. Try one of the most exciting new best free castle defense td games. Setup defense towers, pick a explosive weapon and enjoy the most fancinating tower defence games.

This castle defense game is based on missions on a attractive map of kingdoms. You need to defend them all, make a battle of legends and conquer the world with your castle defense strategy. The strategy is really important in each level and you really need to react fast if you want to make it in this medieval game! Follow the missions, use the right explosive weapons, make the lagendary battles and dominate your enemies.

Tower Defense Kingdom Wars wouldn’t be so exciting without the astounding weapons and upgrades that are available to you. From meteors, to blizzards and even with special defence towers and gems, you will have the needed help! You can also upgrade your weapons, towers, archers or magicians to do more damage with your magic plan. Every known feature of the tower defence games is included in this one of the best war games free.

Gameplay with so many mythical creatures
Stunning graphics and unique artwork
Tons of missions to discover in a huge empire
Numerous waves for each mission
Unique set of weapons
Upgrade powerful new towers
Fantasy sound effects
Defend the kingdom with powerful strategy
Thunder Plant, Chemical Sprayer, Pyramid of Ra, Bot Setter and more magical towers
DON’T need WIFI to play!

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Do you have the td game skills to rule the kingdom?
With the fantasy strategy, pace and dedication anyone can be the best in this wonderful free tower defence game.
Get it now for FREE and enjoy the amazing entertainment of strategy games.

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