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Đăng ngày Tháng Tám 9, 2017 bởi crazykan

GO Three Kingdoms – Three Kingdoms Truyen Ky: Recreate the battles of World War without borders – chain features a unique inter-server.

Subtle combination between 3 categories: Strategy, Role and Card minister. Three Kingdoms GO system possesses a massive feature unmatched in Vietnam.

National War ✨ associated server Experience of the Three Kingdoms crowded GO, satisfying dream Concubine

– 100 famous fortresses in Nhat Thong Thien Ha map vast, Three Kingdoms conflict.

– Cong Thanh Chien – thousands of pictures, thousands of football.

– a promotion: 58 rank

✨ The hunting team BOSS associated server 24/7

– The team 3, 5 inter-server hunter Boss

– In Tam Quoc GO System Boss diversity: Chinh himself Hoang Thien, Boss duel often (Wen spiders, Hebei, Song Hung Dai Hien Luong Master), Boss Tinh Anh (Evil Widow, Taoyuan Anh Kiet, Lai Si evil tiger), Boss Corps (Yellow Towel War, Newbie War, Thao fine Dong Zhuo)

✨ War Union Decision PvP server in real-time mode

– Chau District hit the enemy – Invasion 24/24

– Build towers, upgraded, for battle against war

– The team 5vs5, 3vs3, 1vs1 fight swivel axis of Wei, Shu, Wu

– Legion War epic and vast battlefield

– Disorders struggle hero

✨ Chat worldwide connections associated server

✨ Dominating the legendary 300 generals

– Create extremely bloodshot appearance, supreme skills

– Division 4 and supply, trade, conflict, mutual allelopathic hydrophobic bold tactics

– General fate strengthen

✨ customized system with Chien Than Binh and Binh Mail Code

– Self-assessment customized Than War

– Refined and equipped with the legendary breakthrough

– Countless legends steed coast Landing Lot size, urinals, Red Hare, …

– Infantry elevate a tactical level

The trade dispute ✨ treasures

– Revive “Silk Road”.

– Challenge millions of players worldwide and take spoils

If military trot passion of the game Three Kingdoms as X Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Bum Chiu, King of the Three Kingdoms, Red Cliff 3D Quan Van Truong Thi Tam Quoc GO will be the next name extended list of titles game Tam Quoc Quan can not forget the Master’s right. Three Kingdoms GO Download Now only!

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Home: http://tamquocgo.vn

Fanpage: https://fb.com/TamQuocGO

Army Master Hoi Quan: https://fb.com/groups/TamQuocGO

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