SWAT Shoot Fire Gun

Đăng ngày Tháng Bảy 27, 2017 bởi crazykan

SWAT Shoot Fire Gun is a first-person 3D sniper shooting game. You will play a sniper, sniper terrorists. Your mission is to fight the terrorists’ military bases and eliminate all the terrorists hidden in the city, effectively fighting terrorist activities.

Let us guard the city and take action to fight terrorists in this fight. This is a modern sniper shooter game where you can challenge evil forces. As a member of the sniper team, you have the best shooting skills, which can help you better destroy the enemy. Here are a variety of challenging modes and real scenes, pick up your sniper rifle and take immediate action to destroy the terrorists.

The terrorists have occupied the city. You need to use your perfect sniper skills, accurate kill the target. You must try to find all the terrorists hiding in the city and destroy them all. So that the city can restore peace.

Are you ready to join against evil? The city has become increasingly chaotic. You are appointed as a special force sniper, use your excellent sniper skills, destroy all enemies in the city, complete the mission, defend the city peace, become a hero.

SWAT Shoot Fire Gun Features:
-FPS action shooting game
– realistic 3D graphics and game scenes
– a variety of high-end weapons
– Smooth control
– shocking music and sound effects
– a variety of challenging missions
– Free FPS games
– real battle scenes

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