Super Warrior Ninja Go – FINAL BATTLE

Đăng ngày Tháng Tám 2, 2017 bởi crazykan

Do you known lengend about Ninja warrior in the world ?
This game don’t like ninja rua , ninja shadow and turltes ninja.
This is game about favourite le go child ninja assasin in the world – Ninja Go
Fight against lego aliens, steal your powers to be able to transform into aliens.
Your job is to break this curse and bring back good to the le ninja go world.
Stop an evil curse from overtaking the world!
Charge your omni to be able to become a powerful alien!
Blast Le go enemies during a holiday journey on a distant planet!
Super Warrior Ninja Go – FINAL BATTLE lets you play as real toy characters.
Toss grenades to blow up brick bridges, and shoot lasers through snowy obstacles!
Use the Ninja’s techno blades to fight into enemy vehicles and use them as your own.
Choose between Kai or zane or cole and Jay to battle the Overlord’s minions.
Use your ninja skills to survive in an Asian arena!
You will fight against other deadly warriors.
Jump to dodge attacks, and move back and forth to escape from falling objects.
Swing your sword to chop opponents into tiny pieces !!!!

Feature :
– Crazy game
– Nice Graphics
– Free Gameplay

Join to world Ninja-Go to fight now !

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