Super Spider Rescue Hero Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Sáu 5, 2017 bởi crazykan

“The city is under robot spider attack & only a vigilante like spider hero can save the people of the city. Super Spider Rescue Hero is an action adventure game in which you plan your strategy and defeat the enemy mutant spiders. This flying hero battle strategy game provides a realistic city rescue mission by defeating the rival flying spiders. Be the people’s Super Spider Rescue Hero by eliminating treacherous robot spiders. So what are you waiting for! Start your spider hero journey and prepare for the ultimate city rescue.”

In the game, the player is chosen to be a hero known as super spider who has to protect the people of the city to clear the mission and free the city from the robot spider attack. In this Spider Hero game, you will face the advanced villains of robotic world. Fighting with robots is not the coolest way and you have to carry out every attack expertly like flying spider to defeat the enemy. Enter this coolest world full of robots use your unlimited powers for quick city rescue!

Get dressed in your special costume and get ready to utilize your Flying Spider Superhero powers to save the city from robot spider in this exciting city rescue game. As a Flying hero you can easily fly around the city in different directions to find robots and destroy them with your super spider powers. In the game mission you will have to move to quickly as a super spider to find rival flying spiders before they destroy the city and capture the city. Expertly utilize use your mutant spider abilities to fly to the desired locations. So get ready to have the most exquisite experience in this exciting summit to flying spider hero games.

– Realistic HD Graphics
– Different mission with realistic spider robots.
– Smooth Controls to move around the city.
– Addictive Spider Superhero City Rescue Play mode

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