Subway Ninja Surf Run – Escape The Jungle Temple 2 Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Sáu 26, 2017 bởi crazykan

Subway Ninja Surf Run – Escape The Jungle Temple: A great jungle action game by fun game for free on Play Store. My friends talking about ninja escape in fantasy endless running mode is very fun and very interesting.

This is an adventure of a ninja inside a jungle. He is Amachida, a clumsy ninja has to go to the Amazon forest to bring back treasures of ancient princess from a mysterious temple. He was arrested by local natives and have to escape by run as fast as possible. On the way to escape, he has to face with naughty animals (such as panda, crocodile, lions, monkey), juegos monsters and other angry natives. Our ninja has to fight with them to pass over, he can take some utilities to help him like magnet to collect more coins pop up on the way, jet engine to surfers through all obstacles. The fruits (like banana, orange) are also available to pick up to get more energy.

You guys are fan of action and go happy with endless running games can not be surprised that now the classic characters like zombie, bus, tsunami, train are replaced by ninja, dog bulldog, castle and wooden train.

Game features:
+ Colorful and vivid HD graphics
+ Cute game play and easy to control
+ Interesting music and sound effects
+ Explore the mysterious jungle
+ 3 cute ninja to select with variety of unique skills
+ Thrilling moment, fast speed

How to play:
+ Drag left to turn left
+ Drag right to turn right
+ Tap to attack
+ Drag up to jump
+ Drag down to slide

Subway Ninja Surf Run is not game online but free 3d action running games of the year on the oz world because of the best graphics with vivid sound effects, optimize for smartphones and android tablets.

This is a classic 3d endless runner game, but you should not compare Subway Ninja Surf Run with bush rush or subway surfers because each games has its own characteristics and new characters. New obstacles will be added continuously to ensure the best experience, which is expected to be updated from 2017, 2018, 2019 and many years on.

With this special game for free, we hope the gamer can exclaim that: the game is too cute and too fun run which is suitable to play games and entertainment everywhere whenever on the plane, on the train electricity, cooking or being in the office. All ages, children, adults, workers, gold digger can play and feel satisfied.

Game can be played anywhere and anytime ! Regardless having wifi or not because game doesn’t require online connection. You can play it on the street, in the bus or car on the road, a school. Well… Just simply is offline game.

Game are very cute and suitable for everybody with all age, including boy and girl, adult and children, women and men, under and over 18 age.

A good strategy thinking and a good reaction are required when you play game, collect more coins as much as possible to buy new characters, use free items to increase the power and boost up the run speed.

Do not play more than 6 hours a day, spend the rest of 18 hours relaxing, working, exercising, watching football, writing diary, taking care the plants and pets, cut the weed in the garden if you want to. Just play to fulfill your mania.

And we don’t let you angry by waiting to long. Let’s download and install Sabway Ninja Surf Run – one of the best running games for free.

Run like hell and challenge your limitation to escape the jungle island. Run for life!

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