Spider Hero Anti Terrorist War Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Sáu 18, 2017 bởi crazykan

Being a spider hero, it’s amazing flying high in the sky to rescue city people but it’s really hard being a super spider commando in war where survival is really tough. Crime has reached to an extreme level as terrorist force has been active again, this time with more power and strength. Navy force is occupied much in battle at sea so spider hero is ready to battle against terrorist force in an epic action filled thrilling game of 2017 Spider Hero Anti Terrorist. There is going to be heavy shooting and killing in anti terrorist war as country’s defense is at risk and spider is going to play as anti terrorist survival hero. The shadow crime gangsters and mafia gang is highly trained and armed with special rifles. Their evil mission of establishing stronghold could prove fatal for the homeland. Spider hero could not bear enemy attack on navy and therefore, has reached to the defense line to battle against the gangsters, mafia and criminals and kill them in deadly anti terrorist war mission and become a real spider sniper survival hero.

Get ready to operate and battle against trained mafia snipers, evil terrorist squad, shadow crime gangsters and criminal leaders of crime force and take them down with precise shooting skills in anti terrorist battle. Show them what spider hero can do in anti terrorist survival battle. Spider hero! Use your epic anti terrorist stealth skills and super aiming skills when searching for shadow enemy force on navy boat. Be the real spider hero navy commando shooter and battle for your nation’s pride. Anti terrorist war has extreme action, intense shooting, epic thrill and survival battle which will make your heart pump fast. Keep strong grip on your assault sniper rifle and shoot strategically with extreme power to kill terrorists, mafia gangsters and shadow criminals in this ultimate Anti Terrorist shooter where spider hero survival is essential.

Battle the hardest part against anti terrorist where danger of death arises at every corner. Play as anti terrorist spider hero and encounter deadly criminal sniper force. Make perfect gunman aim with epic weapons and gun down every single criminal gangster with your assault shooting rifles and shooter gun. Operate against criminal gangsters and mafia shadow force and survive the stealth shooting mission as anti terrorist spider hero. Once criminals and mafia gangsters are aware of your presence in the navy they will use all power and sniper force to turn you down but spider hero won’t turn back.

• Play as Super Spider Sniper Hero
• Intense Anti Terrorist Shooting Missions
• Extreme Thrill and Action in War Survival
• Different Sniper Rifles to Battle against Criminal Forces
• An Epic First Person Shooting Game of 2017
• Outstanding Environment, 3d Graphics & Engaging Sound Effects

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