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Đăng ngày Tháng Bảy 25, 2017 bởi crazykan

SpiritBomb proudly presents SkyChamp – a skill-based totally free to play social game with monster-collecting, RPG elements and a unique frantic shoot-’em-up (shmup) gameplay style that will bring you intense excitement like in no other game.
You will play the role of a monster trainer who will summon legendary Okimons and Pettomons. You will train your cute monsters, evolve them and equip them with the best weapons and jewelries to fight in the greatest aerial dogfight battles.
Download now to fight endless waves of evil monsters and become the champion of the sky!

– Skill-based free-to-play game, no nonsense pay-to-win (p2w) gimmicks. You can’t just pay to win in this game.
– Fast paced gameplay with unique Dynamic Difficulty Balancing: you can always find interesting challenges no matter how strong you are.
– Unique procedurally generated gameplay that is different everytime you play.
– Intense and action-packed shoot-’em-up gameplay with modern twists.
– 10 Okimon (big mounted monsters): Lava Whale, Hipster Tanuki, Ursaryo Fire Bear, Nine Tails Flame Fox, Tree type Dragonfly, etc.
– Dozen of tricky bosses such as Cukimama Monster, Naughty Mother Goose, Mighty Toro, Desert Queen Bee, Mecha Splitter, Sniper Dragon and Magician Owl.
– Lots Pettomon (baby pet monsters) with different rarity and unique attack patterns that you can summon, train and evolve.
– Hatching tama eggs with different rarity: Silver Egg, Golden Egg, Magic Tamago Egg, Super Magical Egg.
– RPG swar style upgrade system and huge variety of weapons, outfit and jewelry items.
– Online social features to emphasize competitiveness and community building such as friends sending present to each other, using friend’s monster squad to help in battle, hatching social tamago eggs.

SkyChampion is a shooty masterpiece of progress from SpiritBomb Studios’ previous game “NOVA Strikers”, which is nominated for the 1st International Mobile Game Awards (IMGA – SEA 2016). Instead of “boring” sci-fi space shooter theme in a single player offline game, Sky Champ is a cute-’em-up featuring super cute and lively monsters in chibi graphics and multiplayer PvP competitions.

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