Shoot Gun Fire Hunter Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Sáu 15, 2017 bởi crazykan

Hello there! FPS shooting game fans. Welcome to join the 2017 best first person shooter!
The city is facing some of the terrorist threats of this terrorist organization, the whole city into a state of alert, looking for terrorists and to prevent the destruction of terrorists. The intelligence department reports a suspicious building in the city that hides the suspects who are planning the next attack. You are a well-trained member of the special forces, and your task is to fight terrorism by eliminating terrorists.
As a member of a special force and an anti-terrorist sniper. In the fight with terrorists, your task is to protect the city, and kill all the terrorists. The terrorists occupied some of the buildings, they were preparing for the next terrorist attack, and you were assigned a special counterterrorism task. It is time to assault terrorists and destroy them.
Terrorists hid in the building, hurry up and destroy all the terrorists. Quickly finish this task, become a superhero. This is the best anti-terrorism shooting game. You are a member of the elite special forces, your task is to shoot and destroy the terrorists.
You are assigned to destroy the enemy base camp. Show you a variety of combat skills learned in special forces training, become a brave warrior, in order to protect your country and people, shooting enemies, destroy their camps, civilians can live a safe life.

Shoot Gun Fire Hunter Features:
– Challenging tasks
– realistic 3D model
– all kinds of sophisticated weapons
– the actual combat effect
– addictive games and effects
– vivid sound effects
– stunning graphics

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