Seal:New World

Published on August 28, 2017 by crazykan

Happy Back! 3D MMORPG game Sutras Back!

Constant storyline, full of new adventures
To the new world, a dream world!

● hopeful, Decision No Despair! Copyright Seal Korea
Continue MMOROG classics
Seal Online Gamer same experience with your phone, the new story brings great experience

● 3 basic job: Swordsman, Mage, clown
A colorful world with exciting adventures
Enjoy upgraded character, skill, equipment and Pet
Corps completed system, BOSS diverse activities, arena, a fight … explorer drop station.

● Happy Rabbit Back
Pet companion war with over 40 kinds of cute and mischievous!
Animal trainer aggressively riding arena, bounces around

● Fashion Rich, Brilliant Appearance
Today want to wear? Nice selection combined nhé!
Diverse coordination functions map, what to wear, thanks to the city so beautiful when nhé!

● Kiep FA Goodbye, I Married Soon Come on!
New marriage system, jointly organized gatecrash banquets yet!
Not only increase the intimacy, can propose to your loved
After a couple can organize banquets, select vestments, favorite locations and invite friends to join!

● New Community Leaders
Players can interact via chat or voice
Free fair transaction, pleasure to make friends!

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