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Mania stunt car parking game is the play store most addictive and amazing parking game that puts your spatial awareness and skills to the ultimate test!
if you really love to play parking games; then get ready for real parking adventure like you’ve never seen before! let start your parking career and drive luxury car on hurdles parking tracks and on multi Storey parking garage. city stunt car parking game is an amazing and hard car parking simulator game that requires highest precision. if you really lover of hard parking games then the most difficult parking simulation is best challenging game for you. in this complex parking game, you will find some difficult situations that requires master parking skills in steering, acceleration and avoiding obstacles to parked vehicles in parking places.

there are many sharp turns and very close hurdles, so as the parking lot driver you need to drive your muscle car very carefully around the corners, obstacles and parking lot borders with controllable speed and accuracy. In this ultimate challenging game, the start levels are quite easy but when you play more and more then levels are getting hard and tough.
Car Parking Adventure is the biggest mobile parking and driving simulator of all time. it super stunning gameplay learn you how to navigate a realistic parking environment. steer your car meticulously and reach the designated parking space in time. it is quite the challenging so, avoid crashing into the cones, barriers and other hurdles. use the different gears as your needs into the parking spot. choose the right car for your tasks and complete the all missions.

Realistic undertaking, superb HD graphics and massive physics of parking cars makes your parking experience most effectual. It fantastic game has multiple features like movement of camera with sliding on screen and various customizable steering options for your vehicle. The great sounds and music effects provides outstanding and awesome feelings while game-play. Download this exclusive parking simulator and get unique flavor of game-play with continuously challenging experience.

How to Play:
• Tap Play Button to Start the Game
• Tap Left/ Right button to steer your car
• Tap accelerator button to Speed Up Your Car
• Tap brake button to stop or reduce the speed of car
• Avoid to Hit Any hurdles or Cones
• Use Camera Button to Change Camera Views
• Swipe to change camera angle

Cool Features of Parking Game:
• Exciting 3d stunt environment
• Addictive music and Sound Effects
• Ultimate exquisite HD graphics
• Huge variety of parking cars
• Tons of hardcore challenging levels
• Very realistic and smooth friendly control
• Improving Your Driving and Parking Skills
• Multiple Camera Angles
• Totally Free and Offline Play

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