Prison Sniper Survival Hero – FPS Shooter Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Bảy 7, 2017 bởi crazykan

When the gangsters and criminals get out of control it’s time for Prison city sniper survival hero to get them back in order. The big city prison has many gangsters, criminals, robbers and mafia people locked up, creating extreme trouble inside prison. It’s time for Prison city sniper survival hero to make best use of super amazing sniping skills to kill and hunt down the prisoners not obeying prison rules. Following jail rules is vital to make prison environment safe and secure but city sniper hero cannot tolerate extreme prison disobeyers. Shadow criminals are fighting with each other, doing suspicious activities around and even trying to escape from prison. You as an expert prison survival city sniper hero would need to restrict them from all kind of criminal activity. Rescue police officers, kill the prisoners involved in fighting and keep an eye on escaping ones. Jump into extreme shooting battle like a super assassin hero and kill the prisoners like an expert escape sniper.

An ultimate city sniper shooting breakout battle has started in the prison where a real escape sniper survival hero will snipe away the prison enemies. In this action packed FPS game of 2017 you will take on the role of police city sniper survival hero of modern police force who is on the mission to strike down the gangster and criminals of crime city jail. It’s time to make best escape sniper shooting strategy and kill gangster and criminals in intense prison FPS game of 2017. Improve your target practice skills, hold your sniper rifle tightly and aim for the right target at the right time like a real city sniper hero! Don’t let the prisoners be successful in stealth escape. Shoot them up! Give no chance to escaping enemies as they are extreme threat to survival city.

Being the escape sniper of modern police force it’s your duty to hunt down the escaping prisoners. Fail their prison escape stealth plan and shoot down the shadow criminals with the best bullet shot. Be the real escape sniper survival hero of this extreme breakout battle and let yourself master the real assassin and sniper skills to mark your name in the best city sniper survival hero of 2017. Battle against the shadow criminals because if they manage to escape would be a real threat to survival city. Be the real escape sniper survival hero of modern assassin force and get ready for thrilling sniping missions and prove yourself as the real police city sniper hero of survival city in an amazing FPS game of 2017.

• Learn the Real Survival Sniping Skills with Best Sniper Rifles!
• Shoot down the bad prisoners like a real police assassin hero!
• Thrilling Action Packed FPS Game of 2017!
• Make best strategy, take perfect shots and don’t let prisoners escape!
• High Quality 3d Graphics, Superb Animations & Best Sound Effects!

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