Police Traffic Highway Gangster Chase – Car Rider

Đăng ngày Tháng Tám 21, 2017 bởi crazykan

Gangsters are increasing day by day in the town and the local police have decided to do something against it. The mayor has announced that new department will be established in the police just to catch these gangsters. This police department will have the latest ammunition as well as the cars. The car drivers have been chosen from the existing police force and these police officers have been trained to drive fast on the city highway traffic

City Highways are always full of cars and this is the main reason that most of the gangsters successfully escape. The new police force has been trained to drive in these busy city highways where there is heavy traffic. In Police Traffic Highway Gangster Chase – Car Rider, you will act as one of these trained police officers who can drive fast in the highway traffic.

Your objective will be to catch all these gangsters and also make sure there are no more future crimes in the city. You will have a fast car which you can drive and catch the gangsters. But this won’t be easy, these gangsters camouflage their cars and never travel alone. They use identical vehicles and only one of them usually have the gangster. Make sure you use your driving skills to the fullest as the city security is now on your shoulders.

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