Ott superhuman cool run Android Gameplay

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Game description:
“Ott Superman’s magic cool run” is a licensed by the official cool running game. You can enjoy the monster in the game to enjoy the fun, dazzling scenes and special effects screen, gorgeous batter, experience not the same monster war!
● Do you want to try to transform the monster to stimulate the feeling of it?
● You want to see the powerful super cool powerful nirvana?
● So what! So that the magic of Superman Superman Cool running into the Ott Ultraman into the world of you now!

Slide the screen with your fingers, control characters move up and down, to avoid obstacles, attack small monster, pick up gold props and fruit. Accompanied by the melody of the music constantly challenge the limit, the small monster hit the earth!

Game features:
● game with one-button operation, simple and convenient
● stimulating fun to break through the barrier mode and the endless challenge of endless mode switch
● rich game scene, field, city, highway, as you choose
● Ott Superman five brothers, take turns into battle, small monster crying again and again

1. The game is completely free, users can buy props in the game to remove ads.
2. If the user made an in-game purchase error, try clearing the cache data or updating your card.

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