Nella The Princess Knight: Kingdom Adventures

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Help Nella and her friends on their courageous adventures; shoot arrows to help the lost birds find their way home, launch ice-creams to hungry impkins, grow vegetables with Willow and her magic seeds.

This app is fun, creative, confidence building and developmentally appropriate —

brought to you by Nickelodeon, the world’s leading global kids TV network and Colto,

the multi award-winning educational app developers from Milan, Italy.

An ideal first app for kids aged 2+, an easy way for kids to play on their own.

Kids will benefit from:

· Building math skills, including matching and sorting shapes

· Developing creative problem-solving skills

· Practicing fine motor skills

· Creating healthy role models – Nella is resilient, courageous and kind

and empowers her friends and creates confidence in kids


5 mini-games:

· Hide and Seek with Nella and her friends – FREE

· Shift Shapes with Bigor the Dragon

· Launch ice-creams to hungry Impkins

· Grow vegetables with Willow’s magic seeds

· Shoot arrows to help the lost birds find their way home

· A lively animated tutorial for each game that helps kids learn how to play

· Reward system:

· Collect Sir Garrett’s Knightly cards

· Play memory games with your cards collected

· Animations of Nella and her friends that give the player feedback

· Video from the TV show of Nella transforming into a courageous Princessn

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