My Pocket Pony Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Bảy 1, 2017 bởi crazykan

You discover a pony-foundling on your porch. Will you be able to raise it to adulthood? Play, feed, care for, wash and do your best to keep your pet happy.
You can even create your own unique pony, Pegasus or alicorn!
We love making games for girls and boys, and we love mlp that’s why we made this pony game.

– Up to six pets
– Advanced customization options for your pony: hairstyles, cutie marks, hats and accessories
– 4 pony races!
– Create your home how you like: arrange furniture, paint and create new rooms
– Lots of toys to try out
– Constant updates and game improvements
– Go outside to see the Ponyville

You can make your own custom looking little pony, Rarity or Twilight,- it’s all up to you!

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