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Đăng ngày Tháng Mười Hai 9, 2016 bởi crazykan


It’s Movie Time. What’s better than go to movies with super sweet yummy snacks? Popcorn, of course is the best choice. What about soda? Hmm, it is also a must. Chuck in some delicious Texas toast pizza. Wonderful~ This time, run your own food shop at the movie theater to make the yummy popcorn, soda and Texas toast pizza for the crazy customers. Let’s play.

Product Features:

– A super fun food-making game
– Make & serve yummy snacks like popcorn, soda and Texas toast pizza!
– To be the real chef to make all the foods from scratch.
– Create food with tons of decorations in your own way.
– Wrapping the food with the most pretty wrapping boxes and stickers & bowties for the customers.
– Serve the yummy snacks to the crazy customers.

How to play:
– Let’s start from choosing one food to make first.
– Use the realistic tools to add & mix all the ingredients. Make foods from scratch.
– Decorate sweet desserts with lovely sprinkles, fresh fruits, sweet candies and so many more.
– Wrapping foods with tons of cute boxes, stickers and bowties.
– Drag to serve the food to the customers.
– Take a photo to show off to your friends and family
– You are the real sweet dessert chef and shop owner.

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