Monster Robot Hero City Battle Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Sáu 15, 2017 bởi crazykan

Are you ready to fight in heroes battles as a monster legend? Welcome to modern futuristic robot battle survival game. Transform your monster cars into hero robots to save the city from the enemy robots. Be the monster legend to become last hero of the last battle. What would you do if strange robots attack the monster city with the backup of dangerous criminals and mafia? Will you fight back as monster hero in the city battle to save humanity? If yes, it’s your time to show your amazing shooting, boxing, firing and attacking skills by transforming your monster vehicle to giant mech robot. You are equipped with weaponise monster trucks which can be transformed into fighting steel robots by pressing transformation robot button.

In the era modern futuristic robot battle play the challenging ultimate truck transformation robot game as a real superhero. Your duty as city hero robot is to kill, crash and destroy all the sinister and super villains to save civilians of vice city. Use kicks, punches, gun bullets and shoot missiles towards evil robots to cause them huge destruction. It is a situation where you have to kill for survival because the super dangerous robots will show no mercy and no fear. Make prisoners free by fighting robots with daredevil heart and combat skills.

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