Monster Prison Escape Jail Break

Đăng ngày Tháng Tám 20, 2017 bởi crazykan

Incredible monster prison escape
A monster prisoner superhero war adventure in which you have to liberate yourself from prisoned in city Jail along with other Jail criminals for life time. Initiate to plan your prison escape and jail breakdown by eliminating and manipulating the enemies in this city and prison survive monster escape game. In this monster prison escape jail break experience, you have to fight a combat between monster superhero, police and gangsters and survive yourself from prison to become a superhero. You have to utilize your monster hero strategies and break the jail with your super power and special actions. Many cctv cameras and tight security of police will keep an eye on you and other prisoners but you have to use dark shadows and walk carefully to save yourself from sniper shooters and security alarms. Many security guards and police officers will be wondering in jail but you have to succeed in you mission. Multiple latest and advanced weapons and ammunitions will be carried by police officers but you have to snatch that weapons from cops and shoot to eliminate the officers for accomplishing rescue plans. incredible monster prison survival is an adventurous action gam play with multiple variation of latest city crimes and surviving prison escape missions.

In survival prison monster war, your objectives are to rescue yourself from illegal arrest. You have to show your role in eliminating the crime and evil spread by gangsters and bad guys. There are many interesting and challenging levels and missions that are covered in this monster battle. You have to break the security first of all and make yourself free from trap. Get ready to aim, shoot and kill the terrorists and police officers and prove to be a hero of this monster survival game. Let’s enjoy this remarkable prison survive monster escape game with your incredible ability to change into an incredible monster with extraordinary muscle power. you have to fight bravely and shoot with gun fires to eliminate that police cops that will come in your way. This prison escape story is ultimate adventurous experience for shooting lovers. You have to attack with great courage, intellectual and mental strategies and defeat the enemy in upcoming all stages. Background sound and thrilling missions will inspire you and develop your interest towards gameplay and you have to become real champion monster hero in this survival escape game.
A nonstop action game in which you have to defend yourself from crime city mafia and police cops. This crazy monster battle is a real time opportunity for the players to be a fearless hero of the land and destroy the criminals to finish the crime and evil deeds.
Sensational rescue missions plan and strategies
Interesting and thrilling sound effects
Inspirational game play and high quality graphics
3d camera angles rotations and realistic animations
Incredible atmosphere and remarkable objective
Fully action packed rescue prison adventure

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