Monster Hero VS Fantastic Hero Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Bảy 18, 2017 bởi crazykan

New type of racing for the first time TAG RACING Start your career on the tag in real world and start winning reputation. Transform your car into different cars Each level will be played by 3 cars The player has to select a deck of three cars within a specific class or group of cars. Car switches one by one, Finish Race by Riding Three Cars! Make your engines roar for the craziest free tag RACING.

Tag racing is specially designed for car and racing lovers. Feel the real fast speed and let yourself lost in the wonderful experience Push the limits – rush the traffic and chase enormity. Most wanted prize from the world, just accelerate and compete in real world racing game; Experience the taste of racing and thrilling reactions.Hop in JET POWERED transformable cars and the streets in the craziest adventure yet!

Ready to rock and defeat the racing world Luxury and racing cars are waiting to burn their tires and explore the racing world. Different amazing and tricky tracks are waiting. Tracks are full of hurdles and dodge the hurdles and save your car. Amazing features are available on runtime. Cars are transforming into another racing car Auto car speed increase and exciting tilt controls

• Different thrilling environments and luxury racing cars
• Cars transformation on runtime
• Incredible 3D graphics and outstanding gameplay
• Smooth controls and realistic sound effects
• Realistic cars physics

Become fast and become energetic during the racing zone, this will bring you the track and love of the packs. Participate in the fast racing games, beat the time and clear the missions. If you hardly need for speed, you will be satisfied by features. Tag has been created for you!

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