Mom’s Sweet Helper – House Spring Cleaning

Đăng ngày Tháng Tám 8, 2017 bởi crazykan

It’s time to start a spring cleaning. Mom has a lot of housework to do. Can you help mom get the house cleaned? Become mom’s little helper and get her through her busy day. Pick up the trash in the bedroom. Do the laundry and hang up the clothes. Clean the toilet and bathtub. Take care of the flowers to keep your house more beautiful.
ᦒ Help mom with household chores
ᦒ Clean up the messy house
ᦒ Pick up the trash and make the bedroom clean
ᦒ Wash the clothes and hang them out
ᦒ Make mom happy by helping her as much as you can

This educational game will teach kids how to help mom clean the house.

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