Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty: Boat Rescue Team

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Looking for lifeguard rescue aid games, life boat games and 911 emergency rescue games?
It’s a rescue time, start your beach rescue duty, show your survival swimming skill and save people from beach accidents.
By playing this game you will join rescue team and start your ambulance duty.

Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty: Boat Rescue Team is a lifeguard rescue duty game offered by 4 Wheel Games packed with rescue mission for all those individuals who are looking for boat rescue games. Join coastguard squad, start your rescue training, learn to drive and save people on the beach. Remove dust from your bathing suit, rescue swimmers and boaters by playing this killer rescue game. Beach is fully crowded and many recreational activities are going on such as beach race, swimming race and jet boat racing. So put up your swimming suit and work for rescue people. Beach is crowded with drive rush boat, needy people are waiting for a fast ambulance service and ambulance rescue, be a good ambulance driver and transfer them from coast to coast. Dangerous waves and shark attacks has made this beach a crash club by destroying many beautiful beaches, in this crucial situation you must be well known of every place of the beach, tag yourself as a beach finder and make sure this sea for all.

Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty: Boat Rescue Team is a coast rescue and lifeguard rescue boat driver game where you have to control beach danger activities with your crowed boat. Are you ready to enjoy boating today? It’s an endless boat activity, so get ready for a boat ride. Call doctor for emergency accidents because it’s a doctor rescue, on duty ambulance is looking for injured people day and night and they are working at their best level to improve rescue shutting. Chopper is taking people to safe zone, drive rush boat to reach to victims and bring them to safe place. Use binoculars to scan the area for making sure safety of people. Guard pickup rescue weapons for making sure the safety of innocent people. It’s a match rescue time.

Highlights of Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty: Boat Rescue Team:

Join beach rescue team and save injured patients.
Play as ambulance Driver, boat driver and helicopter pilot.
Realistic beach environment and realistic people for rescue operations.

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