Legend of Three Kingdoms Android Gameplay

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Legend of Three Kingdoms is the official mobile edition of the PC series game by UserJoy. Are you ready to come back, lead your army and spread your legends?

Classic Three Kingdom heroes such as Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and famous Diao Chan, Zhen Ji, Xiao Qiao and many others are waiting for you command! Summon Heroes, cultivate and promte them, strengthen them with gears and trinkets. You are born to lead the generals, end the troubled days and bring peace to the civilian.

☆☆ Historical Battle Field!
The historical battlefields are vividly constructed. In every battlefield, players will need more strategic thinking and consensus of group cooperation to win in the historical battles.

☆☆ Hero Enhance and Development
Cultivate and Promote your heroes. Increase their quality, Improve their skills, Enhance their gears. Every hero can be a top general! Even Zhang Fei can defeat Lu Bu after your training!

☆☆ Unite and Fight Global players
Various Guild contents are provided. You will Create or Join a guild. You will find players around or far away from you. Just unite your allies and defend your kingdom!

☆☆ Special Screen Deigns
Each character and Hero is carefully crafted and drawn to match its historical accuracy. Experience creative character designs, thrilling battle experience, brilliant Hero skills, and customized battle formations!

☆☆ Spectacular Kingdom war
Players will join a kingdom, invade other kingdoms and defend their own kingdom. The winner will not only occupy a city but be rewarded with massive resources. Even, players may have chance to find LEGENDARY heroes in battles!

Only the one who unify the whole World can be called a HERO!

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