Kung Fu Girls Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Bảy 8, 2017 bởi crazykan

Authentic Kungfu style card collection game!

What happens when Kungfu meets anime,download and find out?

The Kungfu girls are the soul and human form of the styles and representation

《Authentic voice acting——bringing you a great anime experience》
UR level of voice acting talent! Voice actors suck as Guan lin,Tang Xiaoxi,Qiao shiyu and much more lend their beautiful voice, to《Kungfu girls》,bringing you fun vibrant lighthearted and compelling Kungfu anime experience!

《Travel the Kungfu world,with your favorite Kungfu girl》
From now on,It won’t be a dream to collect every card!Unlock characters by completing levels! Unlock skins! And much more! Enjoy your wonderful Kungfu journey with your favorite card by your side!

《Say goodbye to bad luck Log in to claim UR cards!》
No more bad luck,Play《Kungfu girls》,and claim UR cards just by logging in! No more bad luck! Only good cards!

Take the chance,and be the first to join and experience the journey to becoming the greatest Kungfu clan ever!

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