Kids Offroad Motorbike Racing Driver

Đăng ngày Tháng Tám 10, 2017 bởi crazykan

Driving a Bike has always been kids dream. Imagine you own a motorbike all by yourself and you are driving it on the busiest roads of the city. This gets more interesting when you get a chance to drive the bike in hilly offroads. You will not play any other parking or racing game once you have played “Kids Offroad Motorbike Racing Driver”. Parking games have really no challenges however, this game will give you goose bumps

Driving Offroad is both challenging and adventurous. Kids love adventures and they love racing among their friends & this game will let them do that in the bumpiest hilly offroads. You will be driving the fastest and latest motorbikes. This is not just like other parking or racing game, Make sure you maintain your balance and never fall of the cliff as once you lose balance, there is no way of coming back into the game. As soon the game starts, you get to choose your own character and motorbike and from there you have to win races to advance to the next level. Each level will present you with more challenging tracks. This game will test both your navigation and driving skills. Kids, the Key is to never let go of your motorbike in these hilly tracks. Offroad tracks are made up of mud and sand so make sure you have enough speed to pass through them. By playing this game, you will forget all other parking and racing games.

Kids, your body will be turned and twisted after driving the bikes in the hills but I promise this will be the most adventurous game you have every played. You will never ask for any other parking or bike racing game.

Game Features:

• Latest Motorbikes
• Adventurous Tracks
• Ability to race with fellow kids
• Offroad Biking
• Awesome Graphics
• Different Difficulty Modes

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