Khu Vườn Trên Mây 2: Nông Trại Thú Nuôi 3D

Đăng ngày Tháng Tám 27, 2017 bởi crazykan

Once upon how much xua- years BC did not remember, when male Jack & villagers are living in peace in the land of magic beanstalk, suddenly one day where the giants were dragged to the devastation. Terrified before their dams, Jack decided to plant the magic beans to the ground. Vague as a joke, the giant beanstalk grows up, Roll up headline villagers Jack & the skies, get rid of the giants. After all, Jack & villagers returned together. They began to jointly build a new land, to live happily in the sky garden.

Welcome to the 2 sky garden: Shelters Pet – Game Farm Vietnam International 3D style extremely hot for the first time appeared in Vietnam.

sky garden 2 IS A spectacular landscapes where you can:
✔ FIND, SAVE and the PET FOSTER lovely pet astray
✔ LIVESTOCK – CULTIVATION new style, continuous gold production. UPGRADING 100+ pet system
✔ explorer lands on a mysterious drifting clouds touch
✔ EXCHANGE, PURCHASE with friendly neighbors
✔ Drive Train DELIVERY Bay, discover the treasure
✔ Freedom Farm Puzzle, from silver to blue mountain sea
✔ FABRICATION & EXPANSION farm by types O land with its own shape and character.
✔ Comfortable CREATION, express individuality with a brand new custom modes.

DOWNLOAD FREE blockbuster casual games on the game farm animal mobile- 2 sky garden – a product of VNG to experience cool style farm house.

FREE customizable farm:
✔ Farm on the first clouds on the World contains all objects with rectangular cube structure.
✔ Self build soil own way by putting the land up to the sky box.
✔ Freedom to change altitude, location of land plots.
✔ Enjoy creative mussel Thu liking without limitation, from the arrangement of land plots into the message or any unique shape whatsoever.

✔ Enrich not difficult. Be hard to harvest crops in exchange for gold and enrich your garden of Eden. Soon the farm will be a billionaire on the cloud.
✔ The difference with conventional harvesting of farmed game genre, you need to have a bit of dexterity and quick hands.
✔ There are 3 levels for the harvest: Good, Speedy and Lightning Fast. Lightning Fast harvesting achieve more, the ability to receive additional rewards higher diamond.

✔ Built in the tissue-type square, movement, expression and shape of the pet is easily identifiable characteristic of kvtm 2 when compared to the mobile gaming genre other online farm community.
✔ Features feeding innovation is one of the highlights of version 2. sky garden Now players can pet eat continuously without stopping.
✔ Animal feeding, the more rapid evolution to the next level. Evolution to own cute pet paradise lost 100+ (billions of pork, chicken, fish, cows, cats, sheep, goats, rare animals, animal variation, …), no different styles ngoi fashion star in his funny farm.

✔ Play Game not boring with hundreds of tasks every day by various methods: the main quest, daily tasks, task delivery on Airship.
✔ Make as many tasks as much experience accumulated is the key for you to increase the level kvtm 2.

Chibi 3D world explorer STATES try on
✔ Lake Moonlight: Experience the feeling of floating on the island fishing cloudy
✔ Desert Stillness: Where ore mining
✔ Sea Paradise: Fast delivery by Aircraft Airship
✔ Magic Forest: At 500 brothers in love forest animal breeding.

Download game sky garden KVTM2 version: TRAI newest FALL 2017 & joined the Sky Team of farmers stylish drop tha interesting hearing revenues drop in Fanpage:

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