Jungle Adventures: Super Story Android Gameplay

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Jungle Adventures: Super Story is a super classic platform game that bring back memories of old school arcade games with numerous adventure. A jungle adventure game that you can jump, run and shoot monsters in super jungle world.

Jungle Adventures is a super story about super adventure of Jack, a jungle boy want to discover the super world to find treasure without knowing that a lot of threats in strong world are waiting for him.
In the super jungle world, lots of dangers, enemies, troubles, obstacles, difficult traps and bosses are defending Jack’s way through the jungle, castles and wonder worlds. To find the treasure, will have to jump and run over many obstacles, fight and shoot against mushroom, hedgehogs, skeletons, evil turtles, poisonous spider, autobot and many other monsters.

Be nimble… be quick… and help Jack find the treasure in jungle adventure!

– Awesome gameplay similar to retro classic game.
– Easy and intuitive controls.
– Over 80 wonderful, well-designed, exciting and challening levels with slowly increasing game difficulty.
– 4 different addictive world themes(jungle ape, subway runner world, lep’s world, cave sphere).
– 8 epic boss fight (angry scorpion, dangerous crocodile, bee cat golem and robot boss) in 8 different red dungeon.
– Over than 20 super cute enemies to super smash such as crocs, turtles, frogs, spiders, maria monsters, dragons, snails and many more
– Store with additional items and rewards: unlock worlds before finish other worlds.
– Unlock free coins, buy items to make mike and max stronger.
– Rankings for you and your Facebook friends to compete with player from other country.
– Great mix between 2D and 3D graphics in very high resolution.
– Retro arcade music and old school sound effects.
– Classic retro jungle platform game style.
– Try to unlock all achievements and to be number one of leaderboards!
– Suitable with all age in your family, the best adventure games for kids.

– Use button to jump, move and fire.
– Jump on the top of monsters to defeat them.
– Collect all coins and bonus items to get more points and buy additional items in store.
– Do not fall off the ground. Run to the end of map to pass the level.
– By eating a meat Jack will become Super Jungle Boy, get magic powers and then be able to destroy bricks.
– By eating golden banana Jack will become Super Hero and be able to throw fireballs.

If you really love arcade type jungle run games, Jungle Adventures: Super Story game is perfect choice for you and your kids!
We’re working on more levels for a future update.

• https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=BAZOOKA+Studio

• https://www.facebook.com/BazookaGamesStudio

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