Hungry Wild Shark Sim Android Gameplay

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Welcome to the one of the most popular, dangerous shark attack and Hungry Wild Shark Sim game on android market. Enjoy Hungry Extreme Shark and grow the real experience of the water life at its best. Be the killer shark of the sea and chew the scared innocent persons. Sharks have advanced themselves so that they can tear apart or kill their target when they are furious. The beach shore is full of people so that the shark can kill them. Attack them when they are unaware so that you assure a killing. The adventure is made on the idea to give you the real adventure of this sea life.
Watch shark attack in Hungry Wild Shark Sim sport of a fatal killer shark that is on a duty to eat all the people on the beach. They are well known as one of the most hazardous animals in the oceanic waters. In “” make fear in whole water. Swim around the shores of beaches slowly, move at the correct time and then kill the aim. This wild water creature is always greedy for killing lovely fly fish and people. Eat everything that will come in your way in the large lake. So be prepared to become the extremely crazy human eater and killer to remove all the people on the shores of beaches. Get the control of a starved wild shark and enjoy action packed of marine life adventure.
In Hungry Extreme Shark mode you will last as long as you can by eating all the humans and fish that are in shark’s way. In Angry Wild Shark tournament HD quality of 3D graphics, there are several types of sharks in this match only one is free and other are locked get enough points and free all the sharks, and you will get a huge open large pond to explore. Use the navigation buttons placed on the screen to move left or right, go through the check point to collect target in the contest. There are several missions which are waiting for you to clear them and free all the sharks. Support your sharks with wonderful this round default touch and tilt controls are for you.
Deadliest angry shark is a best, free version game. You will find stunning graphics and exciting environment in the challenge. With many amazing backgrounds. As long as you can survive long time score of you will be increased. Accept the challenge and save the shark from boat attack.
How To Play:
Move Joystick to move shark
Tap on attack button to attack on preys.
Free to play.
Beautiful 3d Beach and Sea Environment.
Multiple Sharks
Amazing Shark Animations
Amazing Under water Life’s view
Smooth Game Play
Nice and Easy Controls
Awesome Killing Levels
Realistic Sounds

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