Heroes of Sky : Shooting RPG Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Ba 8, 2017 bởi crazykan

Heroes of Sky : Shooting RPG (Free to Play)

Excellent concept mixing an arcade shooter with RPG.
Easy control, smooth graphic, bullet hell.
Memories arcade shooting.

▶ Unique Heroes!
Flight and Fight as Summoner’s Wings!

▶ Various Patterns!
Try the diverse difficulty levels with over 100 patterns.
Bravely defeat the enormous boss.

▶ Collection!
Summons the unique heroes. (Updates will be continuous.)
Equip over 100 types of artifacts and gears. powerful your heroes.

▶ Various game modes!
Senario Mode(stage dungeon), Infinite challenge Mode, PVP Arena, Daily Battlefield, and Guild Raid…

▶ Upgrade Heroes!
Upgrades the hero’s missiles, skills, and bombs!
Build up the artifacts and compete with users from all over the world!

▶ Guild Mode!
Gather your friends to create a guild, receive various rewards and compete!

▶ The Best Team!
Create the best squad(party) and compete with users from all over the world!

▶ Play the game for free, but it includes paid items. Please note that actual billing occurs.



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