Haki Legend – The Dark King

Đăng ngày Tháng Tám 2, 2017 bởi crazykan

■ A masterpiece of graphics, top-notch animations
Extreme high graphic system with unique animations.

■ Unique fruit system
Control the battle with the unrivalled fruit system, make a whole new definition of strategy game, change the situation and turn defeat into victory.

■ Endless boss fight
Get ready for the most fierce battles of the world. Victory or die!

■ A hundreds of legendary champions and items.
Recruit the most powerful characters, collect the best fruit and items to upgrade your team and defeat all the enemies.

■ Friendly Challenges – Be the strongest of the top chart
Challenge friends and other players, climb up the ladder to become the invincible one.

■ Establish your own alliance
Make friends, fight together, share joys and sorrows with them on the quest to conquer the world.

■ Become the new King
Step by step on the way to conquer the Great Sea: explore the unpredictable and diverse World right now on your phone.

The game is designed to fit all types of Android devices and popular operating system versions today. You don’t have to care much about the configuration. Just play and enjoy the most outstanding strategy game of 2017!

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