Gun Strike Blood Killer Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Bảy 7, 2017 bởi crazykan

Ready to join the best first person shooter?
The superior gives you a lot of powerful weapons, pick up your gun, join the battle, defend your city.
You have a difficult mission. Eliminate the terrorists and rescue the trapped people.
Terrorists will attack the city and you have to stop them. Each of them is a horrible mob. They must be eliminated. Please look carefully at every corner, destroy all the terrorists, protect the safety of the city.

Gun Strike Blood Killer is a very good FPS action and shooting game, there are a variety of weapons and a variety of attack effects. The enemy is attacking you, you have to show your skills, destroy them by shooting. In this game, you should be in the attack while defense, to ensure their own safety. And through the radar to find the enemy. Shooting in a hidden place, safely killing the enemy.

There are many different environments in the game, the city and the streets, each environment has many challenging tasks. You have to kill all the terrorists so that you can unlock the next task. Use the gold coins you get to unlock new weapons, or upgrade to strengthen your guns. Pick up your gun and show your combat experience and shooting skills on the battlefield! Become a real commando, heroic killer, complete your mission.

Gun Strike Blood Killer Features:
– confront terrorists in a real urban environment
– a variety of challenging tasks
– Buy and upgrade your powerful and advanced weapons
– realistic music and sound, let you experience the fun of war
– Simple operation that makes it easy for you to play your skills
– real physical effects, so that all the side of the real

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