Great Ninja Clash 3

Đăng ngày Tháng Tám 24, 2017 bởi crazykan

The best and most fun mobile ninja game of all time !!!

In a region where ninjas are the greatest force, clans are confronted to decide who is the best and most powerful clan in the ninja world. Show that you are a true shinobi, entering this real great ninja war, face all of the challenges and emerge victorious from this clash in ninja clans!

With an incredible choice of more than 15 characters and a wide variety of skills available and various ninja weapons, such as kunais and shurikens, Great Ninja Clash 3 has great 3D graphics and simple and intuitive controls.

Adding coins you will be able to unlock new warriors stronger and more skilled for your clan and become the great Ninja!

– Beautiful 3D cartoon/anime style graphics.

– Realistic sound effects.

– Simple, fun and addictive gameplay.

– 16 different ninjas available.

– Collect coins and souls to unlock new characters and evolutions.

– Game with system of record of deaths.

– Several different attacks.

– 2 different game modes.

Training Mode
Enhance your ninja skills by training.

War Mode
Face a major war against the most varied types of ninjas.

Download now and live the experience of being a shinobi and battling a ninja war for the survival of your clan!

Call your friends and fight to see who can kill as many ninjas as you can in this fun and addictive game.

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Great Ninja Clash 3 by Alado 2017

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