Girl Fight Crime Street 3D Android Gameplay

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Angry Furious Girl fight crime street is a serious adventure which includes a girl beating the crap out of the street thugs and the kids who would not listen to girl. Angry US girl gorilla commando girl with majestic fighting skills has taken it up to the streets. Angry and ferocious girl is ready to bend some rules and make the mean boys nice men by softening them up with the powerful kicks and punches. Don’t get knocked out on the street. girl fight crime street becomes more challenging with the progress in the game. Multiple guys including mean bikers, street thugs and other non notable petty criminals taking up their quarrel with girl on the streets. But the enraged girl is not having the street fights without any conscience, she is well trained and capable of unleashing her karate and martial arts skills on those mean little boys.

Kicks, punch, mega attack and combos; give her some space and see how much destruction and devastation she can bring upon the street enemies. Beat all the guys in each level and move on to the next level running over fences and not stopping at all.

Girl fight crime street has the complete city environment and it is the best ever made with the realistic narrow and dark streets and plenty of room for such an adventure. Drug dealer consider the furious girl their biggest threat and think she is really bad for their business. So they try anything to stop her from doing what she is capable of. Street fighter won’t let go and they will not sit quite at your victories against them. In every level the deadly fight take another hype. Angry fighters come back with even greater rage and the combat attack is more intense every time. girl fight crime street has punch in all enemies quests, and kick out all others. It is time to rush to street and be the part of chaos. Achieve the honor of the toughest person on the streets.

Lethal ways of fighting, no rules, maximum violence and the long list of weapons starting from the golf clubs to throwing knives and metal rods.

Girl fight crime street features:
• Multiple combat styles including punch, kick, mega attack, combo etc
• Block the enemy attack with the block button
• Epic battle between street thugs and the furious girl
• Martial Arts and kung fu moves
• Hordes of enemies attacking at once.
• Detailed environment with urban theme.
• A lot of melee weapons including baseball bat, knife, iron rods etc.
• Melee weapons including the knife, baseball bat etc
• Multiplayer PvP Matches
• Bluetooth PvP Matches
• 8+ Girl Characters to Fight With

Download this epic battle between mean criminals and the angry girl totally free at the Google play store and don’t forget to rate us as well. Give us your valuable feedback because we like to hear it from you

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