Ghost Fire Skull Hero

Đăng ngày Tháng Tám 18, 2017 bởi crazykan

A sufficient opportunity to the followers of ghost games where you rush a ghost hero in Ghost Fire Skull Hero. Du praktiserer en illusorisk karakter af hero-spil, som kun er i din fancy og endnu ikke i virkelig eller konkret form. It’s with duel scope as it blazes four on his super villains with addition of luxury car driving of death games. Ghost hero fights with super villains and save the grand city. This fighting game is full of action, thrilling and exciting for all action lovers. This ghost hero rider will ride sports cars in evil city.

Ghost Fire Skull Hero is a thrilling game where you play as ghost hero, fight with super villains like monster hero and fantastic hero. Du kan bruke hans kampfærdigheder strange kræfter mot de superkræfter av dine farlige utfordrere. Ghost hero uses its fire power to kill the dangerous enemies and save the big city from evil powers.


Ghost fire skull hero started with interesting gameplay, where you play as ghost hero and fight with superheroes. Suddenly superheroes change into super villains and destroy the city, kidnap the genius scientist and grab the bio weapons from them. Ghost hero comes in the city and fight for justice. Ghost super hero fight with super villains’ like bat villains, spider villain’s, monster villain’s and fantastic hero. Superheroes try to steal the bio weapons from the scientist to destroy the grand city and kill the civilians. Ghost Hero uses its four combo power to stop them and save the public. Ghost hero move from one place to another by using sports cars and traffic cars.


• Play as Ghost Hero to save the grand city from dangerous enemies
• Dangerous super villains are monster hero, fantastic hero, spider hero and bat hero
• Ghost hero uses its thrilling power like fire attack, super power attack
• Thrilling and exciting gameplay with battle environment
• HD graphics and smooth controls

Ghost Fire Skull Hero Simulator is specially designed for all ghost hero lovers and superheroes fighting fans. Ghost hero throw four on them and bring hostage effects using the strange powers of your hero. It’s a battle full with thrilling and fabulous action of the fictional character, you’re controlling against the gangsters and criminals in the form of monster hero, spider hero, fantastic hero and bat hero in this action simulator game.

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