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“Fury Street: Fighting Champion” is a simple and classic addictive fighting game which keeps you playing whenever and wherever you are! It combines the features of Action Fighting and Role Playing and gives you the best experience of battle! Ultimate City Street Fighting delivers sweet arcade nostalgia to you. And you will meet so many villains and gangsters in this street. Challenge yourself in this fast-paced, easy to play and old-school arcade FTG game. Defeat your opponents, beat them down and slay all these villains and gangsters!

In “Fury Street: Fighting Champion” there are superb scenes, cool combos and gorgeous special skills. The most thrilling and exciting combat game is waiting for you! All that you have to do is beating down your opponents. The victory is at your finger. You can try to act faster than your rivals or you can use your attacking abilities to exhaust your enemies and deal with their fatal melee attacks in your battles.

“Fury Street: Fighting Champion” is a really classic fast-paced fighting game. In order to become the boxing supremacy, you should defeat and slay your enemies and use dazzling skills with unlimited bursts. These villains and gangsters want to control this world and have abused their power and bullied the people here. Never be mercy to these opponents! Remember there is only one person who will survive in their fatal melee attacks.

Features of “Fury Street: Fighting Champion”:
Cool Special Skills!
Exquisite and Stunning Street Graphics
Wonderful and Interesting Scenarios
Realistic Combat Sound!
More than 60 Levels in the Whole Game

Unique Fighting and Upgrading System
Destructive Weapons and Defensive Gear
Rich Awards after Defeating and Beating down Your Enemies in Every Battle

Enjoy Fast-paced Cool Striking and Slaying!
Various Bosses and Rivals
Smooth Game Play and Easy Control
Starting Combat Whenever and Wherever You Are!
Completely free!

Use multiple combos to defeat and slay your enemy. You can feel martial arts, karate, kick boxing, kungfu battle, combinations of kicks, punch, air strikes, multiple kicks when you are playing this game and trying to deal with enemies’ fatal melee attacks. Be the last one standing among these villains and gangsters!

You have to beat all of them to become a master of every battle. Fight for your glory, fight for your dignity in this fast-paced street fighting game. As a kung fu master, you have to challenge all your mortal villains faced with their fatal melee attacks and slay all of them.

If you like street fighting, you can not miss the fantastic game of free combat. Come on! Download “Fury Street: Fighting Champion” this exciting fast-paced street combat game. Punch and kill all enemies! Defeat and beat thousands of villains and gangsters! Deal with these opponents’ fatal melee attacks in amazing, non-stop, 2-D action. Use your unlimited combos to teach your opponents a lesson!
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