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Đăng ngày Tháng Mười Hai 7, 2016 bởi crazykan


Many fantastic makeup products come from Mother Nature! Create your own cool lipsticks using ripe fruits in this cool lipstick design game.

Go to the factory and choose your ingredients for your lipstick. Mix up jojoba oil, almond oil and carnuba wax. Add in your favorite fruity flavors like strawberry, blueberry or grape. Stir in various colors to create a unique look. Choose from reds, purples and browns. Mix up your very own style and sprinkle in some glitter until you have the perfect color and scent!

Pour it all into a mold to create a special lipstick just for you. Transfer for your creation to a beautiful lipstick tube and decorate it to express your style. Choose the color, add a design and stamps to finish it up. Don’t forget to add your signature to your organic and stylish look!

Nature is so awesome! Your fruity look will last all day and smell terrific!

Product Features:
– Create your own lipstick designs
– Mix up all natural oils and lotions, then add in awesome fruits
– Choose any color you like to make your own look

How to Play:
– Tap to pick colors and fresh fruits
– Swipe to mix, stir and pour
– Create cool designs and stamps for your lipstick

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