EVERYTOWN SWEET Android Gameplay

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Experience Exciting Combos! & Sweet Adventures!
Meet Everytown Sweet, a match-three puzzle game, full of cute & sweet jello-like animal pieces!

◈ What’s going on in Everytown?!
– OH MY~! Dr. Oh has sent Wild Boars and destroyed our peaceful Everytown!
– Let’s rebuild the town for the residents!

◈ Sweet & Special missions! Restore buildings!
– Find the lost building plans!
– Where did all the penguin workers go?
– Save our friends trapped in the ice!

◈ Meet various adorable characters living in Everytown!
– Complete puzzles to invite new characters!
– More than 200 stages with cute characters to help you out restoring the town!
– What will your restored town look like?

◈ EVERYTOWN SWEET is for all ages!
– Wait for me! Double up your fun with your family and friends!
– Jump into the sweet world, everyone!

Need help? Have a question? Let us know!
Send us an email to: sweet_fg@flerogames.com

* Everytown Sweet will run smoothly on devices with similar specification to Galaxy S3 & above

* The following permission is required to play the game
– Access to device photos, media and files (Selectable)
> The permission is used to save and retrieve game play data
– Access to contact information (Selectable)
> The permission is used to enable Google Payments

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