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* Ads in “play with” are opened after 3 seconds after your touch.
* If you push it down, it can turn off the game LOL

* If you delete the App, the data is initialized. Be careful!^^;;

After graduating from high school, I finally adopt a cat
However, it is not easy.
Who is master… and who is slave?!

☆★☆★ TIP! ☆★☆★

■ You need money.

You have to work.
Fortunately, all the jobs go on automatically.Only concentrate on raising your cat.

A high-paying job doesn’t have enough time to play with a cat.
So the cat gets angry.
When you do, stay home and do a part time job.

■ Cats like to touch.

Cats like to touch.
An exciting cat presents gifts of gold and soles.
But, too much touch make them angry!

■ Let’s play with the cat.

☞ When you play with them…
It make them happy.. and happy cat increase your income, and give more soles.

☞ When you can’t play with them…
They will be angry
If you care about the cat’s mood, you’ll lose your job efficiency.

■ Gather soles!
In particular, “play with”, “touch”, “watch ads in shop” can make you collect the soles.
Sometimes you get the extra soles if you rescue a cat that is missing from the furniture.

You can buy new cat toy or costumes… or adopting a new cat.
If you buy five or more cat toy,

you can see the expanded cats and play with them on a big screen.

If you buy a costume, the cat will be nice.
Make your cat’s levels of good, “NICE”. So you can adopt another cats.

■ slave? master?
No matter how slavery I am,
but my school life is important, and my love life is important.

I really like my school senior.
If you buy a cat toy and costumes, you can naturally mix with your seniors!

■ authority

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