Counter Terrorist Special Shoot

Đăng ngày Tháng Tám 7, 2017 bởi crazykan

Counter Terrorist Special Shoot is a sniper game with intense competition, unlimited killing and great strategy.
This shooting game is a thrilling game. Do you want to play such a top shooting game? Want to use sniper rifles to shoot enemies that hide in shadows? If so, then add this addictive sniper game that is designed for you.
In this sniper game, you are a sniper assassin who performs a secret mission, you want to be like a cold-blooded killer, with a sniper gun to shoot the enemy, a blow fatal.

It’s not just a game, but a war against terrorism. You are the army commando of the elite sniper. As a sniper, your secret mission is to hold your sniper rifle, show all your sniper skills and prove you are the best sniper. Because of these addictive shooting effects, as well as the reality of this battlefield, let this game become the top shooting game. Take your sniper rifle and become part of this army commando, complete your mission and become elite shooter.

In this game, you will complete the mission on the battlefield. This is not a game, but a war. In this battlefield, there are all kinds of dangerous enemies and terrorists, you have to destroy all enemies. The sniper game has incredible 3D graphics, so that players feel like a elite commando sniper, in the battlefield on the use of excellent shooting skills to help the army to complete the difficult mission. Become a sniper hero.

Counter Terrorist Special Shoot Features:
– FPS shooting game
– the best 3D environment
– stunning music and sound effects
– Radar systems
– a variety of powerful sniper rifles
– Simple operation
– accurate aiming
– Challenging missions
– Play anytime, anywhere

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