Commando Gun Shoot Strike War Android Gameplay

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Commando Militant shooting arena is full of deadliest criminals and craziest enemies trying to hunt down the commando. Realistic shooting animated commando saving the innocent people from monstrous enemies. Defend the borders and stab the enemies hard, commando militant is the one man army against the unity of terrorist militants and help the militant commando demolish the enemy places and locations. Use knife, pistols, shot guns and the assault rifles to do the action against the filthy elements of crime and terror. Component of terror and fear in Militant commando is close to none, pushing the enemies & make them go on back foot is the ultimate purpose of the militant commando. The warfare is coming and the devastation of war is real so be prepared commando Militant!
Commando Militant, the enemy soldiers are tracking you down, there will not be any rescue for you so survive in the worst condition and came out alive through these hell of missions. Military assignment requiring you of killing hundreds of enemies, blowing up their posts and totally making them yield to you. Terrorist organizations, frighteningly craved of power and domination, will launch a hunt down for the good soldiers and leave no one behind. Intensity of action is damn high in commando Militant that it will create the blood rush and for the adrenaline junkies this is the best gift.
Accept the challenge, kill dangerous criminals and destroy their check posts. You have to stop the immediate invasion of the enemy. Missile launchers activated in the enemy areas and they are directed towards sensitive areas in your country. The unbalanced and unpaved land under your feet tells you to walk carefully in enemy lands and look out for the land mines and enemy search parties & tower watchers and snipers. Shoot precisely and take covers behind stuff where it is needed and survive through the brutal missions.
Commando Militant Features:
• Multiple missions in most tough conditions
• Commando action against the enemies in their own area.
• Hidden explosive land mines in the water, don’t step on it
• Enemies watching the whole area through watch towers, shoot them from distance
• Sniper gun, shot gun and assault rifles to help you make your way in enemy lands.
• Kill enemies and collect their weapons
• Shoot and kill the enemies in their own army bases.
• Move towards the extraction points, helicopters will pick you up

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