Commando Adventure Shooting Strike War

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A game of Commando Shooting, which covers the action in the great amount. Adventure of shooting enemy soldiers maximized with the heavy artillery. Arsenal is full of machine guns, assault rifles, rocket launchers and many other lethal weapons. Power and stamina of the commando shooter in the war zone is impeccable. Commando Shooter Gunning Specialist have jumped down from a helicopter into the enemy area with the intent to infiltrate further behind the enemy lines. Mission went sideways and commando lost all his weapons and the gear. Now without the gadgets and the weapons, commando is almost harmless to the enemy soldiers. With the wounds on his body, commando shooter has somehow entered into the army base and trying to look out for the weapons and his lost mapping and communication gadgets. Get the weapons and kill the security guards around you, take the possession of their weapons and find the battle toys. Connect with your major and instructor in headquarters and take the instructions to complete the mission. New objectives have added to commando assassin’s device. You are the last commando sent on this most crucial mission to secure the national interests.
Commando adventure has missions containing tasks which only army soldiers with the prestigious skills of killing and brutal action. Enforce the justice with the help of modern weapons and superior war skills.
Commando mission games claims the ultimate action but commando Adventure Shoot Strike War is above all. With modern weapons like sniper guns to target your enemies from a long distance and health packets to cover the commando’s wounds and pain. To wage the modern action war on the enemy for their sins against the humanity and your army, commando adventure Shooter must learn all the war tactics and tricks to get over the enemy’s heads. Strategic war operation against the enemy starts at the mountain and deserts and commando have finally reached the enemy army base to take the revenge of your martyred fellow military men.
Commando Adventure Shooting Strike War features:
• Grab enemy’s weapons after killing them, fill up your magazines for more shooting & killing
• Fulfill the commando duty & beat the enemy’s frontline warriors with the war
• Real commando missions in secret enemy areas, kill the lords of underground crime and peace violators.
• Training academy has ended so now use the skills to clean the enemy from earth.
• Immaculate controls, tear town the sturdy giant army buildings of enemy army with the weapons of destruction
• Experience the combat fury from enemies as you drop into the war zone
• Feel the rage & hatred of the foes and strike back harder to take control of the battle.
• War simulation at its best with the impeccable graphics to support the superior gameplay
• Hundreds of battle and combat missions to complete the game.
• Aim and shoot with the sniper, machine guns, and the rocket launchers to destroy the enemy
• Go on the biggest kill streak of your life in the Commando Adventure Shooting Strike War

Download the Commando Adventure Shooting Strike war from the Google play store right now. Get the maximum adrenaline rush through your veins with the

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