City Sniper Survival Hero FPS Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Sáu 1, 2017 bởi crazykan

Big city is under gangster mafia attack spreading extreme terror making survival difficult. The elite arm force has assigned special task to its real sniper survival who knows super amazing sniping skills to hunt down terrorist force and combat brutal strikes of gangster enemies. The crime rate in survival city is extreme high only a real sniper survival hero can save the modern city fighting with super assault sniper rifle to eliminate terrorists, murderer, gangster, robbers, escaping prisoners and dangerous criminals with super survival sniper power. An ultimate epic battle against city crime has just started where a real sniper will fight for survival and snipe away the enemies. In City Sniper Survival Hero FPS you need to play a role of super hero sniper survival hero of modern elite force who is on the secret mission to strike down the gangster and criminals of crime city. Make crime free city with best sniper strategy and kill gangster in action packed FPS game of 2017.

Are you ready to take extreme risk in City Sniper Survival Hero FPS and gun down the enemies behind extreme terror in modern crime city? An ultimate sniper battle between modern sniper survival hero and city criminals is waiting in action packed game of 2017 City Sniper Survival Hero FPS. Save crime city from agents, murderers, mafia guys, escaping prisoners, gangster and underworld criminals and be the real super hero. Save yourself from the dangerous strikes of enemies armed with modern weapon and assault rifle. Be accurate and precise when trying to aim and shoot. Every shot matters, every bullet must blow away enemies head. Snipe away your enemies with best sniping skills. Take the head shots! Be the real survival shooter and prove your army intelligence there is no better sniper than you.

Do you have the real sniping skills for strategic shooting, survival and hunting down the escaping enemies where any wrong bullet can take down the life of an innocent citizen? Feel the pure adrenaline rush, jump into action and battle like a real super assassin hero and kill the gangster. City Sniper Survival Hero FPS will let you master real assassin and survival skills from special sniper rifle which will help you battle against the underworld criminals that are threat to city survival. Be the real sniper survival hero of modern assassin elite force and get ready for thrilling sniper missions and ruin criminal’s strategy to prove yourself as the real sniper of survival city in an amazing FPS game of 2017 City Sniper Survival Hero FPS.

• Master Real Sniping Skills with Best Assault Rifles
• Win Battle and Prove Yourself as the Best Survival Hero
• Thrilling Action Packed FPS Game of 2017
• Make Crime Free City with Epic Sniping Strategy
• Different Targets to Aim and Shoot
• High Quality 3d Graphics, Cool Animations & Sound Effects

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