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Flying Real Plane Flight
Flying Real Pilot Plane Flight is an awesome and modern era flight simulation game. It offers you an opportunity to become an airliner pilot and fly your flight across the whole world to get realistic flying experience. this Flying Real Pilot Plane Flight delivers an amazing fun time with lots of features for professional pilots who could wish for flying plane. play this awesome cargo flight simulator plane 3D game to get experience of takeoff and landing jumbo cargo planes on different airfields. so, prepare yourself for an exciting flying experience; which will take your flying skills to next level; which you will never forget.
Take your seat in the cockpit view of plane pilot and fasten your seat belt for ultimate flying plane flight. in this flight game your role is as a pilot and it is time for your contributing flight simulator. The cargo flight simulation offers you lots of challenging flying missions and tons of flying air jets. Fly your aero plane with realistic cockpit control and complete your task.
Show your piloting skills and start your job as a pro pilot. Your mission is takeoff your plane and steer it through the way-points to get the right destination point. To complete any complex level, you need to take over your plane very carefully and steer it to the next airport for safe landing. When you arriving at your indicating airport reduce the throttle to maintain your speed for safe landing. In this orbital game for successful missions fly your aircraft from airport to next city airport in given time without smashing. Takeoff and landing plane can be tricky and risky so be careful do not crash!
The fantastic flying city plane simulator delivers you different environmental situations as day and night cycle with clear sky, rain and rainstorm. Download free and take flight to enjoy endless flight through the city, lakes and oceans with high detailed model airplane.
Airplane game Cargo Flight Sim Features:
– High detailed building and airports
– Dynamic real world weather system
– Realistic lightning and sounds of aircraft
– Tons of exclusive entertaining levels
– Unique cockpit view and environment
– Plane crashes and amazing smoke effects
– Multiple camera angles for showing different views of plane
– Time and weather cycles
– Offline and free to play

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