Carnotaurus Virtual Pet Racing Game 2017

Đăng ngày Tháng Bảy 19, 2017 bởi crazykan

Welcome to Carnotaurus virtual pet racing , an excited and realistic racing game of dinosaur pet with various gameplays of dino racers simulator in arena tournament that will make you addict . Gameplay is incredibly easy and can be played by both kids and adults using only one finger tapping as fast as they can to accelerate speed of the dino racers competing with its opponents from Jurassic, Cretaceous or other era periods such as Spinosarus , Tyranosaurus Rex , Velociraptor , Triceratops and so on to reach to the running goal and become a king of speed world . In addition , raising your dinosaur pet to enchant them to gain faster speed and increased life power , stamina are also available by feeding your loving dino pet with excellent food ranging from meats , steaks , grilled fish or even grilled birds . The more you feed it is the more it developed or evolved to be faster or own greater vitality to reach the ultimate highest rank . Carnotaurus is the main character in this free 3D virtual pet racing app game as it had sharp teeth for biting and tearing , physical body similar to T-rex , bull-like horns above it eyes , short arms being as hunters and carnivores or meat-eaters who went extinct . Moreover , the gameplay are divided in to 3 screens ; Dinosaur Breeding , Food Hunting and Dinosaur Racing .

Dinosaur Breeding is to enchant pet dinosaurs’ abilities by feeding them with foods to increase their experience . When a dinosaur reaches a set amount of experience points , it will level up , gain more abilities and even unlock new magnificent running special effects .

Food Hunting is searching and hunting for food to feed to the dinosaurs by tapping on the food to gather them . Food can be upgrade to a higher level but conditions for upgrading applied such as stage or mission will have to be cleared and etc .

Dinosaur Racing is racing to compete with other 3 dinosaurs from different types or species . Gameplay will be counting down from 3 , 2 , 1 and start by tapping mobile screen to accelerate running speed in which charging of power is available to run with turbo boost speed . Be careful! Tapping too much can make the dinosaurs exhausted and delay their racing ranger speed .

– Breeding , evolution , developing character system
– Racing and turbo boosting speed system
– Item shop system for users ’ conveniences
– Realistic dinosaur characters and models
– Beautiful scenes and special effects
– Enthusiastic music , noises and sounds
– Beautiful UI , button , animation and effect

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