Brick Breaker Glow

Đăng ngày Tháng Tám 26, 2017 bởi crazykan

Galaxy Mobile Co., Ltd. has a hot wind.
We will give you the best fun for the brick game.

▶ A splendid piece of fireworks appears.
Game design like Star Wars perfume and fireworks

▶ Casual games are not easy. ◀
Control is possible in the area where the block exists,
Also, when the block comes down, the control panel handles the hidden play in the control hand.
Waiting for more characters in the game.

Break down the simplicity of a regular block game ◀
Various characters such as left and right angle adjustment characters, characters that are fired at two or three shots
Item mode in which items can be acquired and proceeded in normal mode using items!
300 different views and boss mode !!!!

▶ Best Brick Breaking Game ◀

Game screen area / bottom controller area / ball controller area
All three control areas can be seamlessly controlled by the user.

– Collect 10 or more balls.
– If you pass 300 steps, you are a genius. It will be over 300 billiards.
– Compete with friends via GooglePlay.

[How to play]
– Blow off a brilliant ball to remove the bricks.
– The durability of the bricks is reduced when hitting the ball. A durability of 0 will destroy the bricks.
– If you acquire a circle in a block, the number of views increases.
– The game ends when the bricks attack the bottom line of life.
– Enjoy the beautiful game of the starry night sky!

1. Data is initialized when you replace the mobile phone or delete the application.
2. Saving as an option using the function will save important functions.
3. There are partial payment items and advertisements.

[Smart Pon Ep Access Rights Guide]
When using an application, you must request access to provide the following services:

1. Required Permissions
Photo, Media, File: Used to store game data.
External Save Reading, Writing: Required to use various settings of game image and game and caching preservation.
Read phone status, Contacts: Analyze ad tracking and create toggles for push receiving
Process Queries: Query on Game Nuclear Program Defense.

[Clear access to smartphone app]

– Android 6.0+
After you accept the access permissions, you can reset or revoke access permissions as follows:

1. To revoke an access right: Terminal Settings> Applications> View (Settings and Control)> Application Settings> Application Permissions> Select Access Permissions> Access Permission Accept or Revoke Selection
2. To cancel warm up: Terminal Settings> Applications> Select Application> Select Permission> Access Permission Accept or Evict

* Android 6.0 or lower *
Due to the nature of the operating system, it is not possible to revoke access, so you can revoke access only if you delete the application.
Please upgrade and recommend the Android version.

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