Beach Lifeguard Boat Rescue Android Gameplay

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Water Boat Rescue Team is super exciting and touching game gives you a view of beach where you are the lifeguard on duty at beach. In this beach rescue game as a lifeguard rescue operator save people from drowning in the deep sea, it’s up to you rescue peoples on yourself or using emergency boat. Use binoculars and search in crowded beach to find who is in emergency and calling you for help. Take your rescue ship or fast jet emergency boat to keep people away from beach danger. As a seaside hero, you are in a liable position to do your job like real rescue boat driver. So, put on swim suit and go for your task. Wait, is that the sharks are around the victims? Under water sharks are very dangerous So, choose the power water boat or fast racing jet ski boat.
There are many individuals who need help, for instance a lone swimmer got stuck in disastrous waves or a crowded boat got wrecked or maybe they got stuck on island. Now it’s up to you how you handle the situation in limited time and save people by riding and sailing your boat to rescue those people who need help from beach attack. Choose your specific mode and try to get at the emergency point as soon as possible to save several lives in given time. Your duty as a lifeguard rescuer will makes you famous among people on the beach side. The all peoples come to have fun on beach rely on you so, it is your duty to help them and bring them safety.
Rescue Power Boat Racing is equipped with different emergency rescue missions and different challenges so get ready yourself for rescue duty. If you love to ride boats and jet ski at beach then this reality based lifeguard game is perfect and awesome simulation for you to play. You are given time to save life of a lone swimmer in deep ocean or people who didn’t know about the cruel beach so, you will hurry.
It time killer rescue game allows you to have endless fun with island rescue boat riding game. Beach Rescue Water Jet Ski eye-catching beach environment and high-class graphics with surely attract you to play this game and gives you several hours of game-play. Its real life recorded sound effects and thrilling missions will surely make you successful beach rescuer.
Download free and enjoy this breathtaking challenging based game and drive multiple boats and emergency jet ski with extreme speed on beach.
Beach Lifeguard Rescue Game Features:
• Realistic beach environment
• Awesome rescue game play
• Amazing challenging rescue missions
• Morning and evening rescue missions
• Just like bay watch
• Drive jet ski or swim for help
• Multiple jet ski and boats for riding
• Enhanced 3d view of beach and sea side
• Realistic sound effects and game play
• Hot summer, jet ski, and swimming objectives
• Use of binocular
• Free to install
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