Beach Ice Cream Delivery SIM Android Gameplay

Đăng ngày Tháng Một 11, 2017 bởi crazykan

Beach Ice Cream Delivery SIM is a freezing ice cream parlor or you can say food delivery game. Tourists are with their families to enjoy different cities of your county. The sun in on the head and it’s too hot everyone on the beach need some sweet cool beach ice cream and you are the only ice cream man on the beach with your mini ice cream truck.
You are ice cream delivery boy so you have to reach on time with your ice cream shop to deliver the maximum ice cream and earn points, this is city ice cream where everyone is craving to have their desired flavors of ice cream, being delivery boy you have to deliver before it melts as your ice cream truck is fully refrigerated but hot beach whether will make it melt.
This food delivery game is having a perfect ice cream man in this city ice cream who knows how to do this work within time.

Experience fun driving ice cream delivery truck in different beaches.

• Experience the Ice Cream Shop Simulator
• Unique Game with Amazing Sound
• 3D Beach Ice-Cream Environment and Great HD Graphics
• Great Controls and Physics
• Completely Free Game for Everyone
• Pick Up the Timers to Get Bonus Score
• Nearby Ice-Cream Delivery Truck on Beach
• City Of Ice-Cream with Multiple Flavors
• Six Exciting Levels


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