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Beach bike stunt is the biggest and most popular realistic newest top game.

Beach bike stunt is the biggest and most popular game. Get ready your hands for the newest beach bike stunt. This is the most real physics based driving stunt 3D game. Beach environment is the oddest place to drive the motorcycle, do stunts build up your driving and stunt skills. Enjoy the drive of a bike stunt with the classical and take experience the newest bike stunt. You have played many bike stunts game and all the games are good on the stunt concept. Get your sports bike to high speeds for more high jumps and realize amazing bike stunts and challenge your stunt skills to become a stunt bike rider. This game is full of packed with impressive animations, fast driving, performing high level bike stunts and smooth control. This sport bike riding on the deadly driving tracks is nothing than awesome so be carefully drive. Steer your bike, drive swiftly and do some amazing tricks on the challenging ramps. If you play simulator a wonderful game then you’ll like bike stunt game.

Enjoy the multiple challenging and interesting missions. Drive your Moto bike fast and face the interesting challenges in this game. Drive carefully does not fall off from the beach track. Press the brake button to reduce the speed or to stop the bike. Tap the left arrow button to turn left. Tap the right button to turn right. Or tilt your mobile left right to turn left or right. Different exciting and interesting levels are waiting for you. Play and clear the first mission to unlock .This bike game is very dangerous driving game will you various challenging levels. Those levels will make thrilling feels and test for your driving skills. In start you will get only one bike unlocked. Later as you make progress in game you will get more bikes. First levels are easy to play but as you move to next you find more challenges and difficult levels. There is a time limit in every mission so not only you have to drive fast but also become first to clear the level. Caution! You have to complete your mission in the given time unless you will be failed and can’t start your next mission.

Enjoy realistic and HD graphics which provides the best riding experience in bike stunt game. So pick up the android device and click to download and enjoy it. In this game you also test your riding skills. You can feel the real sounds of bike, riding in this game. Moto bike stunt is one of the best games each level is more challenging and exciting than the other better graphics great controls real life bike sound and environments and smooth game play well make the game best. Moto bike stunt is a high-quality entertainment beach game for everyday use, and a free mobile game .Every person to play. Download Moto bike stunt driving 2017 enjoys this game.

How to play

• Tap start button to start the game
• Tap on paddle button to accelerate the bike
• Tap on brake button to slow down the speed


• 100% free game
• Realistic bike physics control
• Amazing HD graphics
• Awesome 3D environment
• Multiple challenging missions
• Limited time to complete the mission
• Nice effects of sounds

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